There are very specific reasons exists.

There are an absurd amount of websites on the internet these days.

Everyone wants your attention; everyone wants to sell you on something.  Life hacks and gurus telling you how to live are running rampant.

So many websites believe they understand who their readers are, they make grand assumptions and lump their audience into categories.

I don´t want to do that.  I intend to give away my knowledge aggressively to anyone who wants it.  Below are my three simple reasons for creating this website.

1.To Listen to You

The first reason exists is to find people who are seeking help, and reach out to them.

This life is hard, for everyone.  Helping one another is one of the best things we can do as humans.

Listening to another person and giving them your time and full attention is one of the best ways we can help one another.

To listen to someone else´s problems and place yourself in their shoes helps the human race two fold.

The person who is being listened to feels validated, important and accepted.

The person who is listening feels compassion, empathy and a deep connection to the speaker.

Our greatest gift as human beings is our ability to express our complex thoughts and emotions to one another through the use of language.

It is a shame this skill is so often tossed aside.

Many people merely wait for their chance to speak instead of listening intently to the other person and building true conversations.  I want this website to be a true conversation.

Please comment and communicate with me on social media, I want to hear from you.

2.To Assist You

How can I help you?

What is holding you back in life?

If you could be your ideal self, who would you be?

Do you know where you want to be in five years, how about ten years?

When you reach the end of your life, and remember back through all of your years on this earth, how will you feel?

Will you see a lifetime filled with love, fun, happiness and joy?

Will you be proud of your accomplishments?

Will you wish you could change your past, or will you revel in wonder of the life you have lived?

These questions are important.  These may be the most important questions ever asked of a human being.  I want to help you answer these questions for yourself – in an uplifting way.

We are both blessed and cursed with an awareness of our own lifespan.  We know that someday our lives must end, yet many people act as if their time is worthless.

Your time is your life, and every day may be your last.  You have the power to change your daily life, your body, the way you act and the way you feel.

You can live the life you want.  Every person has the option to live the life they want through a million tiny choices every day.

I want to help you navigate those choices and create the life you want and deserve.

Assisting people is one of the most important reasons exists.

3.To Brighten Your Perspective

Have you ever believed that you are broken?

Have you ever thought you just couldn’t do it any longer?

Many people feel and think this way on a daily basis.

They feel like they are powerless to change their lives and the way they feel.

If you have ever felt this way, I want to tell you that you are not powerless.

You have just as much ability as any other person.

You can create an optimistic and focused attitude for yourself.

No law defines you as being happy or said, perfect or imperfect.  Only our beliefs about our selves can influence our self worth and the way we feel on a day to day basis.

I want to help people take control of their lives!

I want to help people believe they have the power and potential to achieve their aspirations.

All people have the power within them to take control of their own lives; to succeed and thrive in life, regardless of their past or economic standing.

You can start changing your life today, you can make great progress towards your goals in only a few weeks time.

The biggest restraint many of us face is the belief that we are powerless to change the things we dislike about ourselves.

We put ourselves down and believe we will never improve, and that thinking is false.

You can accomplish your goals and live a fulfilling life, all while maintaining meaningful relationships and maintaining a healthy body.  Yes, it is possible!

Tim Gouw